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Shifting Gears

shifting gears logoWhat’s the shift in Shifting Gears? They are shifting the way pet products are made by using sustainable materials and American craftsmanship to provide you and your dog with the highest quality and most earth-friendly goods on the market.

Why simply throw away used materials? At Shifting Gears, they take those materials and put years of life back into them by turning them into durable dog collars, leashes and toys. Shifting Gears is focused on supplying the end consumer with stylish, unique products for their dog. Not only do the products look good, but they are also made from sustainable resources. The Rock-2-Ruff and Tennis-2-Toys product lines are made using only the best in repurposed materials: rock climbing rope, tractor tire inner tubes, and tennis balls. All of the products are extremely durable and can support even the largest breeds of dogs.

Make the shift with us today!

Earth-friendly, durable pet products made from reclaimed materials all handmade in the USA.

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