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Pet Center, Inc.


Pet Center, Inc. has been manufacturing 100% natural treats for over 20 years and was the first company to sell and create a market for chicken breast products in the USA. All of Pet Center, Inc. natural dog treats are produced at Pet Center, Inc. owned & operated factories, either in the USA or China. This means that Pet Center, Inc. is in complete control of every product from the time raw materials are purchased until the finished product is shipped from their Los Angeles based warehouse to our warehouse in Los Angeles. This control assures that all products are cooked thoroughly, which is the most important part of the production process. Pet Center, Inc. is confident in assuring that all products have no undesired or unintended ingredients. No corners are cut and no expenses spared in purchasing or production to ensure premium end products for our beloved pets. All of Pet Center, Inc. chicken products produced Pet Center, Inc., China Ltd. is sourced from chicken which is intended for human consumption. The chicken is purchased from CIQ (the equivalent of the USDA) approved facilities. All Pet Center, Inc. products are produced under the supervision and guidelines of the FDA and United States Department of Agriculture. Pet Center, Inc. diligently tests all of its products to be absolutely sure they are safe for all pets.

As testiment to the high standards used to manufacture all their products, Pet Center, Inc. can proudly say that they have never had a recall of any products.

Only the best will do for your pet: Pet Center, Inc.