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Horizon Pet Nutrition

Horizon products header2Horizon Pet Nutrition is a Canadian owned developer and manufacturer of healthy premium pet foods. Horizon sources 90% of their ingredients from within 100 km of their facility and includes only the best ingredients from the heart of the renowned Western Canadian Agriculture region with ingredients suitable for human consumption. Horizon utilizes low temperature cooking methods to keep more nutrients healthy and viable providing your pet unparalleled nutrition. Horizon operates it’s own state of the art manufacturing facility located in Rosthern, Saskatchewan with extraordinary personal care, attention and control systems to ensure safe and nutritious products. By adhering to the highest standards for ingredient sourcing and never wavering on strict quality and manufacturing control practices while operating in a clean northern Canadian environment, Horizon creates the highest quality products in the world.Horizon is a team of dedicated people striving to push the envelope of pet food nutritional science while taking advantage of their unique location in Canada's agricultural heartland and their use of state of the art manufacturing equipment. Their culture of leading and not following extends to all of the people that work at at Horizon. It is this dedication and focus on doing it differently while passing on the cost advantages through lower prices that makes Horizon a company to trust and believe in.

A Philosophy of Well-Being: Horizon Pet Nutrition